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Simple NFT Payments

NFTpay allows you, the project owner, to take credit and debit card payments from customers who want to mint NFTs from a number of different NFT contracts receiving immediate payment in cryptocurrency into your NFT smart contract.
This solution simplifies the process for providing your buyers a fiat on-ramp and email-based wallet solution for NFT purchases. By offering both fiat and a wallet, you're able to put the focus on your project rather than having to teach people how to use crypto or a wallet.
NFTpay supports a number of blockchains including:
  • Ethereum ERC721/ERC115
  • Solana
  • Algorand
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Any EVM including Avalanche, Telos, Cronos, Fantom
  • NFTpay can support many other Blockchains (Contact us for more information)
Why Use Us:
  • Increase your sales 2-10x by making it easy for Web2 and Web3 users to buy your NFTs.
  • Support your native token. NFTpay can support your native token for sales in addition to more well known tokens.
  • Keep users on your webpage. Unlike other solutions that require email verifications and separate window popups, NFTpay's solution works right on your webpage. We don't require any additional screens to purchase.
  • Purchase on mobile web. NFTpay enables you to offer users the ability to buy NFTs on mobile web such as the Safari browser or in-app. It is also the best NFT checkout experience on mobile as we don't require opening and email app or any extra information.
  • Very high acceptance rates. Unlike our competitors, we offer very high credit card acceptance rates due to our unique approach to transactions and fraud management.
  • NFTpay offers 100% fraud protection. We handle chargebacks.
  • NFTpay wallet API enables you to provide token gated or other user experiences on your platform. Users don't need to transfer the NFT to utilize toke verification or interactions on your website.

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