Developer Guide

The Sandbox environment

Sandbox is NFTpay's test environment.

Sandbox: The test environment

NFTpay offers two environments, Sandbox and Live.
NFTpay Sandbox is a testing environment, and is provided so you can try NFTpay with your test smart contracts on a variety of public TestNet blockchains including:
  • Ethereum Rinkeby
  • Ethereum Ropsten
  • Polygon Mumbai
  • Fantom TestNet
  • BSC TestNet
  • Solana TestNet
Credit card payments on the Sandbox environment don’t involve real money. We provide a variety of test credit and debit card numbers that you can use while you test your integration. Sandbox will mint NFTs on your TestNet smart contract and allow you to transfer them to a private wallet.
Ready to try Sandbox? Sign up with the Sandbox Partner Portal.
If you don't have a test contract and want to integrate your MainNet contract, you'll need to use the Live Environment.