Developer Guide

How it works

The Developer Guide Overview explains how to integrate with NFTpay to take card payments and track sales for your NFT collections.

How does NFTpay work and what does it do?

NFTpay allows you, the project owner, to take credit and debit card payments from customers who want to mint NFTs from any NFT contract, receiving immediate payment in cryptocurrency into your NFT smart contract.

Add your collection and use our script

After registering at NFTpay, you add your collection info, including the contract address of your NFT contract and some other technical details. Your smart contract needs to meet certain requirements to work with NFTpay, and will be reviewed by us before it’s ready to go live. After we've reviewed your contract, you'll be able to embed our payment form into your website using a two-line script or an iframe.

Start taking credit and debit card payments

The script allows anyone to buy your NFTs with a card. When a customer pays, NFTpay charges their card and mints the NFT on behalf of the customer, which means your contract receives payment in Ether or other native currency.
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