Developer Guide


NFTpay supports transactions on marketplaces with a customizable solution that can adapt to your needs.
Our main goal is expanding your reach to support Web2 users wanting to engage on your platform as well as returning users who may not have easily accessible crypto such as when a users's Coinbase puts a 24 hour hold on withdrawals.
Examples of how we can support you:
  • NFTpay's simple charge solution enables your marketplace to offer fiat purchases with a built in wallet which can significantly increase your sales. Expand your offering to support Web2 users with the most seamless solution on the market.
  • Mint to destination enables your marketplace to leverage NFTpay's fiat purchases while leveraging your existing wallet infrastraucture such as when you have a built in custodial wallet or non-custodial wallet such as Magic Link or Venly already.
  • Purecharge API enables you to leverage NFTpay's fiat purchases while you handle the minting and transfer of the NFT from one user to another. This works particualrly well when you have your own custodial set up.


Integration can be as easy as adding two lines of Javascript to the product or checkout page. Simply contact us and send us your secondary sale contract. We do the rest and send you a simple Javascript script to add to your site.
We also support other integrations with API's.

NFTpay White Label Wallet

We offer the abililty to white label our wallet infrastucture so that you are able to display the NFTs held by an NFTpay user's account. This is great for keeping your users within your platform while leveraging the custodial wallet solutions that NFTpay offers.

Next Steps

  • Contact us to learn more and set up your integration!