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Why NFTpay

Why use NFTpay?

NFTpay is one of the first and a leading service providing credit card solutions for NFT projects. Our team has extensive experience in banking, fintech and crypto. We are trusted by leading brands and are also NFT creators.
Here's some of the reasons why you'll love us.
  • Increase your sales 2-10x by making it easy for Web2 and Web3 users to buy your NFTs.
  • Best mobile web and in-app experience in the industry. NFTpay enables you to offer users the ability to buy NFTs on mobile web such as the Safari or Chrome browser or in-app. It has the best NFT checkout experience on mobile.
  • Keep users on your website and in your app. We don't require users to open any email apps or extra popups. Everything is done within your website or app and there's no need to open or verify emails on purchase. Our competitors require opening email for codes and open multiple popup windows slowing down and making a poor user experience.
  • Support your native token. NFTpay can support your native token for sales in addition to more well known tokens.
  • Global Reach. NFTpay works globally - don't limit your reach to one country.
  • Very high acceptance rates. NFTpay's credit card acceptance rates are extremely high due to our unique approach to transactions and fraud management.
  • 100% fraud protection. NFTpay handles chargebacks and risk.
  • NFTpay wallet API enables you to provide token gated or other user experiences on your platform. Users don't need to transfer the NFT to utilize toke verification or interactions on your website.

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